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F1Mats Offers Lifetime Warranty For Their Double Layer Mats

One of the fastest-growing e-commerce car mat companies, F1Mats, has announced a lifetime warranty for their Double Layer Car Floor Mats. With carefully crafted premium car mats for all types of vehicle models, F1Mats has grown tremendously over the past 3 years. Manufacturing high-quality floor mats using a 3D laser-guided system, F1Mats ensures their car mats fit precisely with complete coverage in custom styles and colors.

Sticking to their philosophy of always putting the customer first and guaranteeing 100% product satisfaction, the company’s mission is focused on creating mats using only premium quality products with undivided attention to detail. Not only are these mats extra-durable using high-quality premium leather, but they also provide 98% coverage for a vehicle’s floor.

The company’s Double Layer Car Mats promise style with durability and are custom-fitted for 1,700 available vehicle models. These mats are manufactured to be stain-resistant while boasting a slip-free and easy-to-clean surface, protecting your vehicle’s original carpeting from spills, dirt, food, and even pet hair. Not to mention each of their mats are waterproof and the F1Mats provide a warranty against tough weather conditions including rain, snow, dirt, and mud.

F1Mats prides itself on constructing products using superior craftsmanship and eco-friendly 5-layer technology, which sets them apart from other car mat companies in the market. With mats that provide vehicle floor and side coverage and a Lifetime Warranty on their Double Layer Mats collection, F1Mats aims to provide customers with a driving experience that goes beyond just spending time behind the wheel.

“We have always believed in our products and our team’s consistent efforts to only provide our customers with the best,” said Yaser Kamal, CEO of F1Mats. “It has always been our aim to provide comfort but not at the cost of style and durability. Our work speaks for itself and we want more people to truly enjoy the luxury of driving. We already provide free standard shipping and 100% satisfaction guaranteed if our customers are not happy with their car floor mats. And this time we decided to offer more and provide our loyal customers with a lifetime warranty on our Double Layer Mats because we believe in investing in your vehicle to increase its value over time. This is also a testament of our faith in our work and our products.”

With their constant efforts to provide customers with only the best, F1Mats continues to inject a pop of personality to a vehicle’s interiors, while helping you experience driving with perfection redefined.


About F1Mats

F1Mats is a manufacturing company that makes custom-fit premium floor mats for cars, trucks, SUVs, and Slingshots for the US and Canada markets. The company specializes in offering durable and easy-to-install custom automotive floor mats that protect your vehicle floors while providing durability and comfort.

Their products are created with laser precision to ensure the perfect fit for more than 1700 vehicle models. With a 2 year warranty for their Single Layer Car Mats and a lifetime warranty for their Double Layer Car Mats, F1Mats also offers free standard shipping with products being delivered directly to your doorstep.

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