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Handcrafted Premium Leather Floor Mats

Select Your Vehicle Model & Design Pattern to Customize Your Floor Mat


Stain Resistant

All Weather Use

Scratch Resistant

Choose Your Mat Design Pattern

20+ Premium Colors Available To Match & Upgrade Your Interior


Stain Resistant

All Weather Use

Scratch Resistant

Elevate your space with F1Mats, the exclusive manufacturer of luxury leather floor mats worldwide.

Upgrade Your Interior with Premium Leather Floor Mats

Our Mats

Perfectly Crafted To Be Armed Against All Weather Conditions

Diamond Pattern

A sporty and stylish floor mat pattern featuring a repeating series of small diamonds with customizable stitching colors. The raised diamond design helps to trap dirt and debris, while the textured surface provides excellent grip for your feet. This pattern is a great option for those who want to add a touch of sportiness to their car's interior.

Stripe Pattern

A classic and elegant floor mat pattern featuring a series of bold, contrasting stripes running along the length of the mat. The vibrant colors and stylish design add a pop of personality to your car's interior. The Stripe Pattern is a great option for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their car's floor mats without sacrificing functionality.

Carbon Pattern

The carbon style floor mats are a modern and edgy option that feature a textured surface designed to resemble the look of carbon fiber. This pattern is popular among car enthusiasts and adds a sporty, high-tech touch to your vehicle's interior.

What Make Us Different

We make customized product specially for each orders.



F1Mats floor mats hassle free cleaning, worry less with unwanted dirt, debris and crumbs. Proven to increase the value of your vehicle with easy return on investment



We use high quality Premium Leather with impeccable durability, our mats are stain proof, water proof, heat and fire resistant.



This is not your average rubber piece of floor mats. Our full floor coverage guarantee a fit the exact contour of your car's interior.



Represent our style and personality, choose from our wide variety of design and colors. F1Mats is crafted with perfection.



Standard way to protect your investment, Our warranties cover material and manufacturing defects from 2 years to 5 years warranty.


All Weather Use

F1Mats are made to withstand the toughest weather conditions, whether you're dealing with snow, slush, rain or road salt, our mats stay as good as new in every weather.

Double Layer Floor mats

F1Mats' Double Layer Mats are designed to provide maximum protection and durability for your car's interior. The top layer of the Double Layer Mats is made of high-quality carpet mats that are detachable for easy cleaning. By having a top layer of carpet mats, the leather mats underneath are further protected from wear and tear, extending their lifespan.

The carpet mats on top also provide a 2 look in 1 feature, allowing you to switch between a sleek leather look and a more textured carpet look, depending on your preference. This feature makes the Double Layer Mats a great option for those who want versatility in their car's interior design.

Eco-Friendly 5 Layer Technology
The top layer of the floor mats is a Polyurethane leather which makes them extremely resilient to all-weather environments. They’re resistant to water, scratches & stains and they’re super easy to clean if you spill something.
The 2nd layer is an 8mm thick high density elastic sponge that provides dampening to quite down the road noise from below while providing both you and your passenger a comfy spot to rest your feet.
The 3rd layer is a polypropylene non-woven fabric which is commonly used in medical grade masks. This layer is breathable and waterproof and is the core layer of the mat.
The 4th layer is an XPE Foam layer that provides excellent elasticity, and is also a great heat insulator to block all the heat that radiates from the firewall and transmission tunnel.
The 5th layer is Gecko Grip material that keeps the mats in place under spirited driving, while providing a barrier for moisture in case you get caught in less than desirable weather conditions.

Easy Installation

Installation takes just 5 min, no tools needed or special skills.