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Stripe Vanderhall floor matsStripe Vanderhall floor mats

Vanderhall Stripe Floor Mats

Stitched With A Stripe Pattern And Feature A 5 Layer Eco-Friendly Material

Single Layer Stripe Vanderhall Floor Mats

two years warranty

Two years warranty

customizable floor mats


guarenteed fitting

Guarenteed Fitting

Much like our Single Diamond Vanderhall mats, the Single Stripe Vanderhall mats are also built keeping in mind the comfort of drivers and passengers alike. However, unlike the Single Diamond Leather Car Mats, the Single Stripe mats are stitched with a stripe pattern that give your car a luxe sporty look. Built using our trademark 5 layer eco-friendly material, the Single Stripe mats are manufactured to bravely weather rain, snow, dirt, and heat. They’re also immune to scratches, stains, and food spills. The Stripe Pattern is a great option for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their car's floor mats without sacrificing functionality.

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Double Layer Stipe Vanderhall Floor Mats

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Five years warranty for double layer car floor mats

Five years warranty

customizable car floor mats


Extra protection and additional life for double layer car floor mats

Double Protection

We went ahead and did it! We made an even better version of our Single Stripe Vanderhall floor mat with double the layers and double the protection. Our Double stripe mats come with a lifetime warranty and a removable/customizable top layer so you can create unique designs that are fit for your car and reflect your personality.

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Single layer stripe patter leather Vanderhall floor mats
Sleek Design

Stripe pattern mats comes with 5 premium colors and additional customization options

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Double layer diamond patter leather Vanderhall floor mats
Added Life

Double layer mats provide additional protection & added life to your Vanderhall interior, with 6 different colors to choose

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Stand Alone Features of F1Mats

Experience the exceptional – we're the world's exclusive source for custom car floor mats, crafted and shipped from our own factory

Water-proof / stain resitant leather car floor mats
non maintenance easy to clean leather car floor mats
Easy to Clean
scratch resitant leather car floor mats
Scratch resistant
all weather leather car floor mats
All-Weather Friendly
dust-poof leather car floor mats
fire / heat resistant leather car floor mats
Fire & Heat Resistant
premium leather car floor mats
Premium Leather Finish
360 degree edge to edge premium leather floor mats
Maximum coverage