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Customize Your Exclusive Mat

Designed to Insulate Heat

The main challenge of the slingshot is the concentration of heat that easily transfers into the floor area. So with 98% surface coverage, our slingshot floor mats are designed to help insulate heat while being waterproof, allowing longer rides and improved comfort.

Additional Protection with Lifetime Warranty

This Carpeted Top Layer Mats rests on top of your base layer mat. It comes equipped with mounting clips so you can easily attach and remove the carpeted top layer mat for easy cleaning and protection from unwanted dirt, debris and water. 

Your Luxury Floor Mats Are Proudly Manufactured in Our Factory




Stain Resistant

All-Weather Use

Easy To Clean

Eco-Friendly 5 Layer Technology

The top layer of the floor mats is a Polyurethane leather which makes them extremely resilient to all-weather environments. They’re resistant to water, scratches & stains and they’re super easy to clean if you spill something. 

The 2nd layer is an 8mm thick high density elastic sponge that provides dampening to quite down the road noise from below while providing both you and your passenger a comfy spot to rest your feet. 

The 3rd layer is a polypropylene non-woven fabric which is commonly used in medical grade masks. This layer is breathable and waterproof and is the core layer of the mat. 

The 4th layer is an XPE Foam layer that provides excellent elasticity, and is also a great heat insulator to block all the heat that radiates from the firewall and transmission tunnel. 

The 5th layer is Gecko Grip material that keeps the mats in place under spirited driving, while providing a barrier for moisture in case you get caught in less than desirable weather conditions.

Complete the look!

Ditch the cheap plastic trims and wrapped it up with softly padded mats!

Rear Center Console Cover

Not your regular peel and stick Center console kit! This is a game changer! Elevate your unused space with our New Center console Kit! Our Middle Console covers the full area and goes beyond the back of your seats and the contour of your seat belts. Boring areas no more!

Make it Unique


Installation takes just 5 min, no tools needed or special skills.

Make It More Perfect with Add Ons!

Polaris slingshot floor mat
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