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Premium Floor Mats

Made to order custom made mats for tesla model X Plaid

Driver Side

F1Mats leather floor mats elevate your luxurious driving experience in comfort. The driver-side mat comes with an integrated heel pad support as protection from wear and tear from stepping on the pedal.

Passenger Side

Our mats are softly padded with thick fabric that made them comfortable to rest your feet on. The mats have built-in rotating clips to hold the mats in place.

Rear Side

Our Mats are crafted to perfection. Not an average car floor liner, F1Mats’s leather mats guarantee a full floor coverage that fits the exact contour of your Tesla Model X Plaid. 


These trunk mats are perfect as protection from scratches from your extra cargo. We use high-grade materials that are extra durable; scratchproof, waterproof, and fireproof.  

Why F1Mats



F1Mats floor mats hassle free cleaning, worry less with unwanted dirt, debris and crumbs. Proven to increase the value of your vehicle with easy return on investment



We use high quality Premium Leather with impeccable durability, our mats are stain proof, water proof, heat and fire resistant.



This is not your average rubber piece of floor mats. Our full floor coverage guarantee a fit the exact contour of your car's interior.



Represent your style and personality, choose from our wide variety of design and colors. F1Mats is crafted witn perfection.



Standard way to protect your investment, Our warranties cover material and manufacturing defects from 2 years warranty to lifetime.


All Weather Use

F1Mats are made to withstand the toughest weather conditions, whether you're dealing with snow, slush, rain or road salt, our mats stay as good as new in every weather.

Choose Your Pattern

20+ Premium Colors and 4 Different patterns to mix and match for your Tesla Model X interior to the next level

Pay At Your Own Pace

Easy payment plans from as low as $22.50

Warranty Benefits

Standard way to protect your investment

Free Standard Shipping

We’ll deliver your order to your door for free!

Extra Durable

Gives you triple lifetime than our competitors