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14 Reasons To Buy Your Car Mats From F1Mats

We want car mat shopping to be fun and easy. Here’s why our mats are the best in the business.


We Manufacture Our Own Mats

F1Mats is an American company with a presence in Delaware and Texas. With its innovative development in technology and architecture, our manufacturing unit is established in Dubai to service car enthusiasts around the world.


We Provide Start to End Service as a Global Company

We are the only company in the world that is manufacturing and selling high quality leather floor mats for cars and slingshot without a third-party service or factory in China. Additionally, we only manufacture your mats when we receive the order. So you can expect your mats to be handcrafted rather than mass produced.

We Help You Preserve Your Car’s Resale Value

F1Mats is an American company with a presence in Delaware and Texas. With its innovative development in technology and architecture, our manufacturing unit is established in Dubai to service car enthusiasts around the world.


Lightning-fast Shipping

When it comes to shipping, we pride ourselves in delivering your products to you within the stipulated time frame. Since we don’t mass produce your mats and only manufacture them when we receive the order, you will receive your mats within 12 working days with the free standard shipping option and 7 working days using the expedited shipping option.


We Stay Fresh in Every Weather

Our mats stay as good as new in every weather making them an ideal choice to protect your vehicle no matter the season. As an all weather mat, our mats are made to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

This means whether you’re dealing with snow, slush, rain, pebble-filled mud or even road salt, our mats are crafted to be easily removable and washable.


Our Mats Are Eco-friendly

Our mats provide full floor coverage and are made using premium leather, high-density thick elastic sponge, PP non-woven fabrics, 100% eco-friendly XPE, and gecko grasp non-slip backing. So along with protecting your car interiors, our mats provide impeccable style, durability, and comfort with stain-resistant and slip-free surfaces.


Our Mats Are Pet-Friendly

You and your furry friends can enjoy long drives without worrying about cleaning up fur, dirt, paw prints or unexpected accident with our easy-to-clean mats. Whether you’re taking your pet for a long drive or your pet is sick and has to go to the vet, be rest assured that our mats can be easily cleaned if your pet gets sick in the car.


Our Mats Are Kid-Friendly

If you frequently travel with kids, our mats are going to be your new best friend. Thanks to our premium leather quality, our mats are manufactured to protect your vehicle’s original carpet from food and debris whether they’re crumbs from your kids’ favorite sandwich or dirt from your kids’ soccer shoes.


Premium Quality Only

Our mats are three times thicker and heavier than wholesale manufactured Chinese mats from any other competitors. This means your mats are crafted to be waterproof, heat resistant, and perfectly armed against extreme weather conditions.

Warranty Benefits For All Our Mats

We offer two years warranty for our Single Layer Mats and lifetime warranty for our Double Layer Mats. So sit back and enjoy as our warranties cover material and manufacturing defects. We also guarantee customer satisfaction or we will replace your mat for you.

Top-Notch Customer Service

We care about you and want to deliver impeccable service before, during, and after your interaction with us. Our team is driven to exceed customers’ expectations, we are available from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Mon to Sat EST TIME.

Customizable Mats is Our USP

We can customize and mix any colors under the sun and add a personal touch to your mats to reflect your unique personality. We have a selection of more than 24 colors. Colors can play a vital role in your driving experience and can be a fun way to change it up. So we give you the chance to experience driving according to your mood.

Pay At Your Own Pace

No literally! Pick a payment plan that suits you best and choose from plans as low as $22.50. So whether you’re looking to surprise someone or want to indulge in mats in different colors, don’t fret about the payment! Buy what you want and pay later.

We Cater to Exclusive Vehicle Models As Well

With measurements for over 1,700 car models and counting, our inventory boasts of customizable floor mats for both classic and some exclusive modern car models. We also provide high-quality floor mats for slingshot three-wheeled motorcycles as well.

Protect and Add Luxury To Your Car’s Interior

Order your F1Mats Custom-fit Leather Car Mats today and get 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Pay At Your Own Pace

Easy payment plans from as low as $22.50

Warranty Benefits

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Extra Durable

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